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Sundancers - Sculptures and Drawings by Lu Mulder

Aug 15, 2017
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Sundancers will feature sculpture and drawings of Lu Mulder. Her work involves the way invisible mechanisms shape individual reality. Though emotion, memory and personal internal experience of the body are without physical shape, they modify what someone experiences as reality. These continue to be the subjects that she explores as she put together her newest installation “Sundancers”.

The Sundance is a Native American prayer ceremony that she has attended and participated in for the last four years. In this ceremony, the dancers pray for healing for the community, and for the earth. Before the ceremony begins, the Sun dancers talk about the reasons for their dancing.

This installation combines sculpture and drawings as she tries to translate her understanding of some of the dancers into a physical form. The sculptures represent the physical body and core being of the person she portrays. The iron is rusted, the welds crude and rough, in recognition of the imperfection of the body and psyche itself. The drawings she produced appear colorful – even at times decorative –embodying the residue left by emotions, bias, desires and other invisible mechanisms. The forms build on her observations of individuals and give shape to the filters through which individuals experience and form a sense of reality of the world.

The opening reception for Sundancers is Thursday, July 20 from 5-7 PM at the Emy Frentz Arts Guild (523 S Second St, Mankato) and is open to the public. Refreshments will be served. The exhibit is sponsored by Hope Cook in honor of her daughter Elsbeth.

Emy Frentz Arts Guild Gallery

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