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Photo: Willow Dust

Willow Dust

Stephanie Sailer
Materials: Rusted Steel
North Mankato Port Authority
Selling Price: $8,000

Artist Statement:

The artist states, “Willow Dust is based on a grain of pollen from the Goat Willow Tree. We often forget, as we travel through the world with our 'human-based scale' how everything around us is highly detailed and intricately woven together. To us, they are invisible. But if our surroundings were magnified, we would find an alien world with amazing forms, textures, and colors, densely populated with endless organisms and objects. A grain of pollen is incredibly small and so easily forgotten, but an irreplaceable component in the life of the Willow tree. Realizing the beauty and importance of these tiny, small entities is fascinating and humbling.”

About Stephanie Sailer

Stephanie Sailer earned her Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Kansas, her Master of Arts from the University of Northern Iowa, and her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Northern Iowa. Her Sculptures are constructed from a variety of materials, including metal, felt, fabric, 3D printed plastic, and cast rubber. Regardless of media, her work uses organic forms derived and reimagined from nature to examine our inner world.