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Photo: Solace


Reno Carollo
Materials: Carbon Fiber with Steel base
Knutson + Casey
Selling Price: $12,000

Artist Statement:

Solace is a sculpture of reflecting and looking inward, depicting that quiet time we all need to experience in our fast-paced information world. It is nice for us all to take time out of our lives and look inward.

About Reno Carollo

Reno Carollo says he caught the “magic of making” bug from his father, who could make even the most mundane task an adventure. Carollo feels that making gave him purpose and helped him deal with the challenges of Petit Mal Epilepsy as a young man. Making helped center him and allowed him to focus on what he had and could do versus what he had lost. After working as a teacher in the Denver Public Schools for four years, he decided to open his own art studio at age 26. Carollo learned by doing, and after several lean years he was able to establish a successful Art Jewelry business, but he always had an interest in sculpture. His lifelong love of learning and curiosity inspired him to push his boundaries and learn from other talented and gifted artists, and he has now expanded his studio so he can create both art jewelry and sculptures. He considers his love of making a healthy addiction, one that keeps him invigorated, continually growing, learning, and challenging himself.