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Photo: Shelter


Peter Vogelaar
British Columbia
Materials: Recycled Steel and Glass Mosaic with Jade Leaves
Selling Price: $6,300

Artist Statement:

Peter states, “The theme of home had me thinking of many aspects of what makes a home. It made me think of birds creating a new one each year, in a great variety of conditions. In my piece, I am trying to convey the delicate organic world of the birds inside an increasingly man-made world. The initial view suggests a mechanical globe, but upon closer inspection, one sees that a robin has created a lovely home inside.”

About Peter Vogelaar

Peter has sculpted in 19 different countries and is a respected member of the ephemeral artistic community. His sculptures are featured across the globe including Castlegar, Whiterock, British Columbia, and Sioux Falls. He has earned many People’s Choice and Jury Awards throughout his work.