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Photo: One on One

One on One

Gregory Johnson
Materials: Stainless Steel
Selling Price: $11,500

Artist Statement:

Gregory states, “My current work focuses on simple elegant geometric shapes created in sculpture. The lyrical shapes suggest things that we see and are familiar with but cannot touch or quantify, like the warmth of the sun, or the energy of a crashing wave. In this case, One on One is inspired by curves depicted in life and nature. I like how they meander and cross over each other. My opinion is that curves are more happily found in nature than straight lines. Thank you for taking the time to visit my work.”

About Gregory Johnson

Gregory Johnson creates geometrically abstracted sculptures to suggest nature, objects, and lyrically formed abstractions. With texture and supporting elements, the artist can express his unique perception within the large oeuvre of works that currently exist on the planet. Born in Chicago, he discovered he liked to make things. He views life “as a journey that comes full circle.”