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On the Go

Photo: Loon of Many Colors

Loon of Many Colors

Ann Judkins
Materials: Vinyl

Artist Statement:

In all of my art work – drawing, painting, and photography – I enjoy experimenting with media. In my latest series of photographs, “Surreality”, I have been editing the photos to give them colors that go beyond what one would see in nature. I enjoy making the image look identifiable, yet surreal and somewhat abstracted. In “Loon of Many Colors” I have manipulated my photograph of our state bird into the antithesis of its natural black and white coloration. The result is a visually exciting image that takes the viewer beyond reality into a world of surreal colors.

Photo: Ann Judkins

About Ann Judkins

Ann Judkins is a visual artist from North Mankato. She has shown her art work throughout Minnesota and has won numerous awards. A fun highlight in Ann’s career was being involved in the Peanuts On Parade, a tribute to Charles Schulz, in the Twin Cities. Ann designed and painted eight Peanuts statues, two of which are on display at the Charles Schulz Museum in California.

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