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Photo: Kites


Michael Cimino
Materials: Paint

Artist Statement:

The design of "Kites" was created as a bright, bold, pattern based, and abstract addition to the public art of Mankato. Triangles are the sole shape in the mural, and are used to form complex and weaving shapes that organically grew during the painting process. Rather than use the mural to reflect upon our shared past, or a reinterpretation of our landscape, "kites" is purely meant as a beatification piece. There is no other reason for the mural than to make something ugly beautiful.

Location: South Riverfront Drive near S. Front Street (near the Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota)

Photo: Michael Cimino

About Michael Cimino

Michael Cimino is a Multi-disciplinary artist residing in Saint Peter, Minnesota. Along with his recent graduation from the Master of Arts program at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Michael has apprenticed and studied under multiple artists from a wide array of backgrounds. His practice as an artist ranges from mural art in the southern Minnesota region, internationally showcased ceramic sculpture, and performance in the Midwestern arts community.