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Photo: In The Mist

In The Mist

James Pedersen & Ryan Pedersen
Selling Price: $10,000

Artist Statement:

In the Mist was inspired by the observation of how the peaceful dissolution of the cool morning fog breaks away as a light wind slowly pushes through as the warm sunrise takes form, giving way to more serene details and view.

Photo: James Pedersen & Ryan Pedersen

About James Pedersen & Ryan Pedersen

Sculptors James and Ryan Pedersen are a father/son collaborative team who create welded constructions in relief and free standing form. The combinations of steel, brass, and copper are used in most designs. The earthy colors and textures are achieved through welding, cutting, grinding and heat-treating these materials.

The finished artwork illustrates their combined passion for the outdoor environment as an artistic selection of these elements with a stylized approach that is related to various interpretations of the modern landscape.