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Photo: Elephant Shoes

Elephant Shoes

Brittney Wegener
Materials: Steel Rods, Resined Tissue Paper Pannels, Air Craft Cable, and Compassion
Oleson + Hobbie Architects
Selling Price: $22,000

Artist Statement:

In this time, I call us to slowly stampede as and like a pack of elephants. Paying attention to the perceived “small” creatures like “mice”. To always remember what counts and have compassion for our elders and their experiences. Most importantly, focus on being, supporting and nurturing; the energy of flow instead of force. To emanate elephants and gestate longer before we give birth to anything, whether that is thoughts or actions, our connected intentions.

Photo: Brittney Wegener

About Brittney Wegener

Minnesota Native, Brittney Wegener loves nature and the beauty of the life and death cycles prevalent in our natural world. Using different types of ologies and felt or observed connections between the universal harmony in nature, to that which already exists within us. Subliminal contexts are messengers to our subconscious; the intention is to break barriers and provide a sense of belonging to communities. Bringing us back to the basics of life, and the pursuit of happiness through the eyes of another. The importance of community is essential now. Brittney intends to engage the community in creating its own culture that will bring people together. The energy of being, of supporting and nurturing; the energy of flow instead of force.