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Photo: Cotyledon Victorious

Cotyledon Victorious

Pete Segar
Materials: Mild Steel, Paint, UV Clear Coat
North Mankato Port Authority
Selling Price: $15,000

Artist Statement:

Cotyledon Victorious celebrates the miracle of new life with a simple soybean sprout emerging from the ground. “Cotyledon” (käd 'lēd( )n) refers the post-emergent phase of the soybean lifecycle where the stem and roots are forming, and the leaves are starting to sprout from the bean. Cold formed steel with enamel and urethane paints were used to create this sculpture.

Photo: Pete Segar

About Pete Segar

Artist Pete Segar has a passion for re-creating life and mathematically pleasing shapes out of steel, often using diversely textured steel to create a high contrast interpretation. His primary focus is on large scale commissioned and public art, with over 100 large sculptures created including public works for Rochester Art4Trails, Eagan City Hall, and the Quad Cities Convention Center. He has also curated a current exhibit, “Minnesota Waterfalls- a Fire Arts Perspective” now showing at the main art gallery at the Minneapolis Airport including work from 18 Minnesota fire artists.