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Photo: Cherry


Sung-Hee Min
Materials: Steel and Paint
Carnegie Art Center
Selling Price: $9,000

Artist Statement:

Cherry is an abstract, minimalist sculpture made up of two separable parts: a base and a top sculpture. The piece was designed with a sense of playfulness in mind, and it offers an exciting visual experience through patterns, repetition, and a sense of direction. Despite the material’s inherent heaviness, the piece appears weightless because of the empty spaces between shapes. The repeated triangle motif is inspired by flags and banners associated with celebrations and events. Cherry is intended to convey a sense of excitement and playfulness.

About Sung-Hee Min

Sung-Hee Min is a sculptor and public artist based in Roseville, Minnesota. Many of her works have been displayed in city art centers, park trails and sculpture walks throughout the Midwest. Her work is process-driven and can be described as minimalist, abstract, geometrical, and modular. She uses manufactured metal sheets, bars, and other shaped products. She builds her objects cumulatively and most of them are self-supporting structures. She relates this process to quilting in that a small shape or a unit of small shapes is repeated into a larger area.