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Photo: Black Hills Iron

Black Hills Iron

Tim James & Aiden Demarais
Materials: Steel
Selling Price: $10,000

Artist Statement:

Black Hills Iron is a nod to the adventure and freedom of an open road, particularly a road that fills the senses with awe and wonder.

About Tim James & Aiden Demarais

The sculptors of this piece are both teachers at Janesville-Waldorf Pemberton.

Demarais says that teaching industrial art gives him the freedom to be creative, the chance to help others, and the opportunity to be a leader. The innovative aspect of Demarais’ teaching profession has compelled him to experiment artistically with different media. For as long as he can remember he has made furniture, welded projects, constructed buildings, poured concrete, and repaired mechanical equipment. He lets the materials he’s working with guide him to the final product.

James was born and raised in Mankato and later became an art teacher. Sculptures created by James can be found around southern Minnesota, including six pieces in the permanent collection at South Central College. James’ early style leaned toward realism but a 2-year journey to Athens, Greece influenced a transformation to abstraction in his work.