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2017 Walking Sculpture Tour

Photo: Zinger


Gregory Johnson
Materials: Stainless Steel
Selling Price: $8,600

Artist Statement:

My early career focused on figurative themes in bronze and cast stainless steel. My new work focuses on geometric shapes and segmented circle forms that depict or suggest things that we see and are familiar with but cannot touch or quantify. Inspired by curves depicted in life and nature, I like how they meander, cross over each other, and are more happily found in nature than straight lines. My emphasis on the circle as a thematic symbol portrays presence in everyday life.

Photo: Gregory Johnson

About Gregory Johnson

Sculptor Gregory Johnson views “life as a journey that comes full circle.” Born in Chicago, his interest in art started at the early age of 5; he’s gone from smoothing dirt in a tree well to now smoothing stainless steel in his sculptures. He has always been detail oriented and enjoys building unique things that challenge the mind and boundaries.