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Photo: Woman in the Wind

Woman in the Wind

Kimber Fiebiger
Materials: Bronze
Bolton & Menk, Inc.
Selling Price: $18,000

Artist Statement:

Depicting an abstract woman being gently blown by the wind, the sculpture represents freedom and women’s desire to rise to the heights of their full potential.
I want the person who views my work to not only see the feminine fluidity and curvature of the body but also to see the strength of a resilient woman holding her head up high, able to face any obstacle presented to her.

Photo: Kimber Fiebiger

About Kimber Fiebiger

Kimber Fiebiger has been creating sculptures for over 30 years. Her artwork represents two distinctive sides of her personality – someone who greatly enjoys the fun times life brings us but also values and admires the human body and the spiritual side. To create her artwork she uses the ancient art form of transforming a clay sculpture into a work of bronze, which requires skill and years of experience in several areas.

Kimber’s inspiration comes in many forms –from friends, family, to total strangers with interesting qualities. Many times the sculptures start in her head as a specific idea, but as all of her work, they start in clay. The plasticity of clay makes the transition from idea to the final bronze figure a surprising one, where she lets her hands and the material take over her mind creating something many times unexpected.