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Photo: Sprout and Shard

Sprout and Shard

Mark Hall
Materials: Steel
Selling Price: $14,000

Artist Statement:

Inspired by the ancient Iroquois creation story, Sprout and Shard depicts a pregnant ‘Sky Woman’ tumbling frantically towards open water below when observant birds join together to help break her fall. Her subsequent birth of twin boys portrays the classic tale of good and evil, with Sprout creating everything good for man while Shard destroyed much of his brother’s work, making everything bad.

Photo: Mark Hall

About Mark Hall

Mark Hall has worked professionally in the art glass field since 1976. Schooled in the German tradition, he began early by focusing on fabrication and installation of ecclesiastical stained glass windows. In 1988, following the studio artistic movement, founded Hallmark Art Glass (with beloved wife, Leslie Munchhof), and expanded capabilities exploring forged metal combined with hot glass inserts. They continue their business of creating site-specific sculptural commissions, on-going restoration projects with area churches, and his ultimate passion of bringing kiln formed glass to the glory hole for blowing into fancy vessels.