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Photo: Nibbles


Mark Hall
Materials: Steel and Glass
Selling Price: $11,000.00

Artist Statement:

I recall as a child being so fascinated watching an inch-worm going about his daily business. It provided a little spark of joy for me - something about making a connection, and having gratitude and respect for life.

Photo: Mark Hall

About Mark Hall

Mark Hall has worked professionally in art glass since 1976, learning the trade through on-the-job training and numerous key workshops. In 1982, Hall was hired by master glass craftsman Warren Olson, schooled in the German tradition, and focused on fabrication and installation of ecclesiastical stained glass windows across the country.

In 1988, Hall followed the studio artist movement, founding Hallmark Art Glass with his wife, Leslie Munchhof. This led to the creation of sculptures combining forged metal with blown, fused, or bent glass inserts beginning in the year 2000.

Hall shares knowledge by conducting residencies at public schools and privately in his studio in Kasota, Minn.. He continues their business of creating meaningful site-specific commissions and sculptures for city sidewalk rotations.