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Photo: Harmony


Mark Hall
Materials: Steel & glass
Selling Price: $11,000

Artist Statement:

Each one of us is unique, searching for a common memory where everyone's included, contributing to the whole. A world made of many sorts working together achieving harmony. I was inspired by the art of Ganondagan, "The Village of Peace." Art connected their society to Nature and the forces of the Universe. Specifically, “Harmony” was inspired by styles from 17th Century Iroquoian pottery.

Photo: Mark Hall

About Mark Hall

Mark Hall has worked professionally in glass since 1976, learning the trade through on-the-job training and numerous key workshops. In 1982, he was hired by master glass craftsman Warren Olson, schooled in the German tradition, and focused on fabrication and installation of ecclesiastical stained-glass windows. In 1988, he followed the studio artist movement founding Hallmark Art Glass with his wife, Leslie Munchhof, which led to combining forged metal and glass into sculptures beginning in the year 2000. He continues their business of creating meaningful site-specific commissions, sidewalk sculptures and working with churches preserving stained glass.