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Photo: Arc Interupted

Arc Interupted

Joe Forrest Sackett
New Mexico
Materials: Painted Steel
Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc.
Selling Price: $5,000

Artist Statement:

Arcs are parts of circles. Arc Interrupted is a circle, but it’s been disrupted, or disconnected, or deconstructed. Circles traditionally represent unity, so it could be said that this piece is a study in disunity. But it might also be that it’s a colorful abstraction built on the pleasing visual nature of gentle curves.
You decide.

Photo: Joe Forrest Sackett

About Joe Forrest Sackett

“I work mostly with steel, although I use other media as well. Themes are varied. The work is primarily abstract and sometimes geometrically based. Wit is important. Art has teeth, and can bite. It should be provocative. However, the work must also beguile, since provocation without beauty or charm is in the end hollow. I value craftsmanship, so I do my own labor. I take pleasure in the work. I have built and exhibited a number of outdoor sculptural works, but I also make smaller pieces for interior display.”

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