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Photo: An Owl's Perspective

An Owl's Perspective

Gail Katz-James & Sue Hartley
Materials: Steel & willow
Schwickert's Tecta America, LLC
Selling Price: $8,000

Artist Statement:

This sculpture of a great horned owl’s head is intended to increase appreciation for owls and other raptors. Katz-James hopes community members will enjoy it each time they encounter it. Visitors can walk into the head, climb on the stumps inside, and look out through the eyes to imagine an owl’s eye view of the landscape. In addition, “Ollie” will be covered with willow and wire “feathers” made by community members during a feather-making events.

Photo: Gail Katz-James & Sue Hartley

About Gail Katz-James & Sue Hartley

Gail Katz-James is a Minneapolis sculptor working in mixed media including steel, wire, hardware and found objects and incorporating traditional textile methods like quilting, weaving, lacemaking and knotless netting. She enjoys transforming materials from their familiar contexts into surfaces and structures. She created “An Owl’s Perspective,” 2019, for a great-horned owl habitat area in the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, Bloomington, Minn. She previously exhibited “Fanflare” (2018/19), “Mod Pod” (2017/18) and “Treasure Tower” (2016/17) in the CityArt Walking Sculpture Tour. Commissions include “Flour Sack Rack, an enamel and steel bike rack inspired by the history of flour milling, “Playful Prisms,” an interactive sculpture including toys and painted washers, and “Found Treasures,” an I-spy type wall sculpture that looks like a quilt.