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Photo: A Tree for all Seasons

A Tree for all Seasons

Fred Klingelhofer
Materials: Stainless Steel & Slab Glass
Selling Price: $23,390

Artist Statement:

Trees are marvelous works of nature. I live in the Midwest where trees provide a fantastic array of colors, sizes, and shapes ever changing with the time of year. Some time ago, I made a sculpture of three large trees which depicted the subtle changes in green hues from early to late summer. Since then I have wanted to explore all the seasonal colors. This year, I finally have the opportunity to do so. Rather than making one sculpture for each part of the year, I envisioned a single tree that held the bright green of spring, deeper greens of summer, shades of yellow through red of fall, and the sparkling ice crystals of winter.

Photo: Fred	Klingelhofer

About Fred Klingelhofer

Fred Klingelhofer, primarily a self-taught artist, was born and raised in a Chicago southside neighborhood. He received a BS in physics from Roosevelt University and worked as an engineer for 30 years. While working, he attended various art classes at Oakton Community College and Evanston Art center. Since 2006 his focus has been on creating sculpture. Fred has exhibited his sculpture in a number of group exhibitions with Chicago Sculpture International, Art Prize in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Sculpture in the Park St. Charles, Illinois, and has completed several public sculptures. More about Fred.